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The Playbook

A Sports Night Flashfiction Challenge

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The Playbook
Welcome to The Playbook, the Sports Night flash fiction community!

This community follows in the tradition of such communities as ds_flashfiction and sga_flashfic, and our rules are basically the same.

  • Challenges will be posted once every two weeks; you have two weeks to respond to the challenge.

  • Stories may only be posted in this community for the duration of each challenge. The challenge will be formally closed by an ADMIN at the end of the challenge period; you may post entries until you see that formal closing message. After that message, no more stories for that challenge will be accepted, and you are free to crosspost your story to your own LJ, webpage, archive, wherever. A new challenge will be posted shortly thereafter.

  • Challenge suggestions are welcome, and should be posted in the comments section of previous challenges.

  • Please include "by [your author name]" in the subject line of your post. Stories will be archived in the memories section by challenge. Please use a cut tag; pairings, warnings, and other information is appreciated but not required. Caveat lector.

  • Try to keep your stories between 100 and 1000 words, posted in one part only; we will not be verifying your word count, so if you really need 1300 words to tell your story, go head, but shorter fiction is specifically encouraged. (In other words, no 30k word epics, plz.) If your story exceeds livejournal limits or requires unique formatting, you may link to a separate webpage and link to that instead.

  • All ratings, pairings, slash, het, gen, crossover, you name it, is welcome here, as long as it satisfies the conditions of the challenge.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment in any ADMIN post. The current ADMINs are slodwick and barely_bean.

Have fun, and good luck everyone!

(These rules were based heavily on the rules page at sga_flashfic, with many thanks.)

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