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A Question of Significance by allfireburns

Title: A Question of Significance
Characters/Pairing: Dan/Casey, a little Dana/Calvin Trager
Word Count: 962
Rating: PG
Summary: Two kisses over the space of five years.
Notes: Written for sn_playbook's hourglass challenge and two itsproductivity prompts.
Disclaimer: I am not Aaron Sorkin, I do not own Sports Night or any of its characters.

( "Because Dana's getting married and therefore everything else must be insignficant." )
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Challenge 12: Hourglass Challenge

Okay, guys -- this week's challenge is a little different, but it will hopefully inspire some interesting submissions!

The gist of the Hourglass Challenge is this:

Your story must be two scenes set at least five years apart. (Yes, it can be more than that by however much you want -- six years, ten years, fifty years, even two-thousand for you sci-fi types -- but it cannot be fewer than five years. The goal is to extend beyond the parameters of the series in some meaningful, imaginative way.)

Other than that, the regular rules apply. Entries are due by October 15, 2007, and please tag them with "hourglass challenge".

Good luck!

And yes, this challenge was stolen from ds_flashfiction, but it was done so with love and respect.
Sports Night Renaissance

challenge 11: cheating challenge

Cheaters never prosper. Unless, of course they do. This week's challenge is all about cheating. Someone's cheating-- maybe on their taxes, maybe at a game, or maybe on *someone.* Everything goes as long as we get new Sports Night fic out of it.

Please remember to tag your stories with "cheating challenge." And just because it's the cheating challenge, it doesn't mean the usual rules don't apply. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

All stories due by October 1 so write quickly, before you get caught!
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challenge 10: minor character challenge - closed

Ooookay. We gave it one more night, in hopes there would be some last minute entries, but... no. That challenge just didn't go very well. One entry is better than none, though, yay, liltinghouse!

So, yes, the minor character challenge is now officially closed. The next challenge will be posted later today -- and hopefully, it will be something you guys want to write.