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The Tragedian by quiesce

A/N: I didn't think the two thousand years suggested in the challenge was quite long enough.

* * *

He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, nervously reciting lines in his head. This had to go right the first time or he might not get a second chance.

The chorus started up, setting the stage for a tale of two lovers torn apart by a secret. He could hear a low thrum of interest and approval coming from the gathered crowd.

His cue to appear snuck up on him but he was prepared. With his mask firmly in place, he stepped out to face the spectators and started to give a performance for the history books.

* * *

The great tragedy of the human condition was how repetitious and unchanging it all was. Superficially, the scenes playing out before him bore little resemblance to the life he'd known but a closer look revealed secrecy and perceived betrayal over here, insecurity and worry over there.

He had long ago come to the conclusion that he was tragedied out. He may have been relegated to the audience, but that didn't mean he had no choice but to watch the same stories and tales of woe over and over again. Not when he could add a little absurdity to the mix.
Tags: hourglass challenge

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