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Challenge 14: Winter Holiday

It's officially that time of year. The air is getting a bit nippy, everyone's making wishlists, and the CSC crew is ready to celebrate. So, in observance of the season, the next challenge is the Winter Holiday flashfic challenge.

Your fic should have to do something with a winter holiday of any type. The usual rules apply. Any questions, please ask.

The challenge ends sometime on December 24th. Please tag all your entries with "winter holiday challenge."
SN- natalie; just for this moment

Challenge 13: Sickness Challenge


Okay, it's that time of year. The weather is changing, everyone's overdosing on echinacea and zinc, and making their flu shot appointments. So, it seemed appropriate the next challenge at sn_playbook to be the Sickness Challenge. Someone is ill, be it mentally or physically. Or just straight-illin'. (I swear I just copy/pasted that from a document slodwick gave me!)

Please remember to tag your stories with "sickness challenge." Usual rules apply. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Let's say this challenge will end on November 6th. Remember, spread fic, not germs!
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Challenge 12: Hourglass Challenge--- Closed

Hi Everyone,

You might have noticed that your mods aren't great at telling time, but hey, we got 6 entries out of this challenge so we're okay with going over a little. However, we're must now say that all the sand's fallen through, the little hand is on the blah blah blah...and the challenge is closed.

All stories have been tagged as well as saved to the community's memories. And we'll get a new challenge up just as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who participated. As always, if you have an idea for a new challenge, please leave it on any challenge post.
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Challenge 12: Hourglass Challenge - Extension

Hey, guys -- as you may have noticed, we did not close the challenge on Monday.

The truth is I'm really, really fond of this challenge, and I'm a little disappointed that we haven't had more participation, so I'm leaving it open until next Monday. That means, if you'd still like to play, you have four more days to write something for us.

Also, a reminder: According to the community rules, stories may only be posted in this community for the duration of each challenge. You are welcome to post links to your stories elsewhere, but please put the text of the story here, behind a cut, at least until the challenge is over. Thanks.